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Slough Creek

Firehole (not good in july...warm...



Madison (During the hot part of the fishing season there are better destinations you could choose

in the park)


Henry´s Fork

Missouri River (From end of July to mid September - floaters!)

Gallatin River (August brings a drop in flows from irrigation - hatches slow down)

East Gallatin River

Ruby River*

Stillwater River

Jefferson River

Bighorn River (Clean & cold year around. Large number of fish and crowded)

Smith River

Boulder River

Snake River

Armstrong Spring Creek 100USD/rod. For reservations, call Judy O'Hair at 406-222-2979 20/8

DePuy Spring Creek, video här. 100USD/rod. Daryl or Theresa Smith at 406-222-0221 15/8

Paradise Valley holds three major spring creeks--Armstrong's, Nelson's and DePuy's and even though they all share some hatches and similar fishing conditions, there are some definite differences. DePuy's is the largest and longest of the three spring creeks, located only six miles south of Livingston, Montana at the very head of Paradise Valley. This spring creek is perhaps one of the finest wild trout streams found in the lower 48 states. It offers something for everyone, regardless of the angler's skill level. The upper water offers a challenge to those who wish to stalk wary and selective trout. Some of the lower water offers riffles and pools where beginners may observe their mistakes, correct them, and take a few trout. Without a doubt, DePuy's is one of the greatest natural fly fishing classrooms found anywhere today, set in the natural beauty of Paradise Valley and offering a quiet, natural setting abounding with plenty of wildlife to help make the day complete. Now, about the trout. The creek contains Brown, Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout along with a few hybrid Cut-Bows, and these are all natural, wild trout. The only stocking that goes on in Montana is in high mountain lakes. Thank God!!! However, these are wild trout with a difference, and that difference is that they are use to people. A bad cast or clumsy approach may not spook them. Now that doesn't mean you can step on them, or that they will be caught with a bad cast or sloppy presentation. In most cases they just ignore you and continue to feed, which can be very frustrating in itself! Like most of the top waters of the west, if the trout stopped feeding every time an angler was clumsy while wading or made a bad cast, they would starve to death. Now, let's discuss the various times of the year and what the angler may expect while fishing.

During the month of August you will see the continuation of the PMD hatch, though this hatch will fade as the month progresses. The sulfur and caddis hatches will continue and you will see the Trico hatch on certain sections of the creek. During the evenings there will be both caddis and midge action along with a scattering of spinners. August is an excellent time for terrestrials. Hoppers, crickets, ants and beetles all produce nice trout. The weed beds on the creek will impact the fishing on the creek in some sections, bringing many new and challenging presentation problems for the angler to solve.

DePuy reservation calendar


Nelson Spring Creek 100USD/rod. Roger Nelson at 406-222-6560

Milesnick Spring Creek

McCoy Spring Creek video här

Madison River (Best from mid June to mid July and September to October)

Yellowstone River (Hot summerdays can offer epic hopper fishing)

The Clark Fork River

The Buffalo

Kootenai River

Warm River

Fall River

Targhee Creek

Robinson Creek

Bitterroth (a dry fly paradise)

Blackfoot (A River Runs Through It)


Grym google-map över fisket i Yellowstone!

Annan information on fiske i Yellowstone :


The Beaverhead River

The Beaverhead produces more large trout, particularly brown trout, than any other river in Montana.

(Circle 3 Spring Creek)


"There's a different critter that lives in the Clark Fork River. If you managed to tie a 16-inch Clark Fork rainbow to the tail of an 18-inch trout from another piece of water, the Clarkie would drag it around, no contest. This is a big, flat Montana Fly Fishing River that is dominated by hot rainbows. The insect population is so strong here that trout constantly feed on top. The Clark Fork is Missoula's purest dry-fly fishery that is punctuated by the massive back eddy fishing combined with long flats of single and double gulpers moving through the clockwork hatches."


Spring Creek fishing

Paradise Valley (Armstrong, DePuy & Nelson Creeks) ligger strax söder om Livingstone, 30 minuter med bil, och 45 minuter från Yellowstone Basin Inn.


Small Stream Montana Fly Fishing

Montana is legendary for its large river trout fishing on waters such as the Madison River, Gallatin River and Yellowstone River. Montana is also filled with thousands upon thousands of miles of high quality small trout streams. Nearly every body of moving water in Western Montana holds trout. Small stream fishing can often produce fast action for smaller sized trout (and sometimes some surprisingly larger fish as well).

While we can't name names, our Montana fishing guides each have their own stable of favorite streams and creeks that we enjoy sharing with our guests in search of some off the beaten path fishing. Several of the small waters that we enjoy are on public land and require a little boot work for the adventurous type. Other fisheries are on private ranches that we have permission on. Many of our guides are also experts on the various spring creeks in the region that require an additional rod fee to access.


August Primary Hatches

grannom caddis, pale morning dun mayfly, little green drake mayfly, terrestrials (hoppers, ants, beetles) dry fly patterns: tan elk hair X-caddis #16-14, tan sparkle pupa #16, parachute adams #16-14, green drake #14, royal wulff #16-14, royal trude #16-14, ants #16-14, hoppers #14-10 nymphs: beadhead hare’s ear #16-12, beadhead prince #16-12, pheasant tail #16-12, copper john #14-12, lightening bug #16-12, selection of wooly buggers



Reseplaneringen med flyg och hotell i Chicago samt möjliga boenden i Montana. Vår planerade resrutt och delmål.


Till flyg, boende och resrutt

Översikt med detaljer om platser som skall fiskas av under våra två veckor i Montana och Idaho.


Strömmar att fiska i Montana

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